HUGE fight breaks out between these EastEnders favourites TONIGHT

There's drama in tonight's EastEnders as Sean Slater and Jack Branning come to blows...

Tonight’s EastEnders sees Sean Slater reacquaint himself with life on Albert Square, but it isn’t long before he finds himself fighting with former enemy, Jack Branning.

Sean returns to Walford came on Friday night when he collected Amy Branning from school without telling anyone.

But when Jack discovers in tonight’s episode that Sean was behind Amy’s disappearance from school, all hell breaks loose.

Sean and Jack EastEnders

There’s still plenty of bad feeling between Sean and Jack…

Old tensions rise between the pair, and it seems that even after 10 years away from the Square, Sean still has the ability to rub Jack up the wrong way.

But as the men clash, Jack quickly works out that Sean has no idea that Roxy is dead, and takes him to her grave to break the news.

Sean is heartbroken that he’s spent the last two years thinking that Roxy was still alive, but as the news sinks in he is angered when Jack reveals that he holds Roxy completely responsible for Ronnie’s death.

Sean and Jack EastEnders

Sean doesn’t take too kindly to Jack badmouthing Roxy…

EastEnders fans will remember that the sisters died in a hotel swimming pool on the night of Jack’s wedding to Ronnie, after Ronnie went into the swimming pool in her wedding dress to save drunk Roxy.

But hearing Jack badmouthing his ex wife doesn’t sit well with Sean and it doesnt take long for the men to come to blows and have a full-on fight in the middle of the graveyard.

As the pair finally calm down, Sean reveals to a shocked Jack that he is back in Walford to make amends for all the hurt he caused all those years ago – but surely after 10 years, it’s all a little too late?

Sean and Jack EastEnders

Will these two ever get on?!

It’s only at the end of tonight’s episode that Jack tells Stacey that her brother is back in the Square… but how will she react to the news?

And how will Jean react when she comes face-to0-face with the son she hasn’t had contact with for a decade?

These scenes will air tonight, Monday 29th April at 8pm on BBC One.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC / Jack Barnes