HUGE twist to follow shock death in tonight’s Coronation Street

Tonight's Coronation Street will see more drama heading for Audrey after Lewis's shock demise last night...

Coronation Street tonight will see Audrey Roberts left utterly devastated when she discovers the £80,000 that Archie Shuttleworth left her has been stolen from her account.

So does this mean Lewis Archer was scamming her before he died?

Last night’s trip to Weatherfield saw Audrey get a New Year’s Day shock of a lifetime when she found Lewis Archer dead at home.

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Last night saw Lewis stand Audrey up – little did she know he was dead

But to make matters worse, he just happened to be clutching an engagement ring when she found his body, clearly preparing to propose to Audrey before he met an untimely end.

Audrey was left understandably heartbroken after the grim discovery, blaming daughter Gail for causing Lewis so much stress that he died.

But tonight will see things get even worse for Audrey when Nick takes a call from his financial advisor who has some urgent news for his gran.

Calling the financial advisor back on Nick’s request, Audrey is set to get some news so shocking that she faints on the spot.

It has been revealed that Gail, David, Nick and Sarah will gather around to check she’s okay, but everyone is left stunned when Audrey confesses all the money that Archie gave her has been stolen from her account.

Tonight will see Audrey struggle to come to terms with the reality that Lewis is likely to be responsible for the theft… and reports the missing money to the police.

The police are set to show Audrey CCTV footage of a woman drawing out cash – but could this be the woman that Lewis has been in cahoots with recently?

Coronation Street spoilers: Has Audrey Roberts finally seen through Lewis?

Was Lewis really up to his old tricks before he died?

As all the signs point to Lewis being the one who was planning to swindle her, Audrey’s world will come crashing down as she breaks down in tears on Maxine’s bench tonight.

But was Lewis really the one stealing from under Audrey’s nose? Whatever happens, it is definitely fair to say Audrey’s not had the best start to 2019…

Also in tonight’s Coronation Street, Mary will come face-to-face with her son again after tracking Jude down, and Emma gets a makeover to impress Chesney. But will it work?

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