Hugh: ‘We could be doing Outnumbered for a long time’

Hugh Dennis has said his sit com Outnumbered could run for years as children live at home for so much longer these days.

The comedian and writer stars with Claire Skinner, Tyger Drew-Honey, Daniel Roche and Ramona Marquez in the hit BBC comedy about frazzled parents, which has been going since 2007.

Hugh revealed: “At the beginning it was like therapy for parents of young kids, then the Outnumbered children reached the same stage as the viewers’ children. And now, with the recession, kids don’t seem to leave home until they’re much older, so we could be doing it for a long time.”

The father-of-two is also a panellist on Mock The Week, and revealed when he first joined the satirical news programme, it was a much more intense atmosphere as up-and-coming comedians battled to be noticed.

He said: “I watch a lot of telly and being on Mock The Week you see the young comics coming on. It used to be extremely competitive, but now it’s much more relaxed and more enjoyable. I used to feel that my body had been put through a large piece of agricultural machinery.”

Britty Britty Bang Bang: One Man’s Attempt To Understand His Country by Hugh Dennis, is published by Headline Review on May 23.

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