Matt Di Angelo discusses how Sean comes into his own in this season’s Hustle.

How does it feel to be returning to Hustle for a second series?

“It was fantastic coming back, seeing all the guys again and picking up where we left off. Sean’s an established character now so he was straight into the cons from episode one, we don’t need to explain who he is.”

Are you pleased with the reaction you got when you joined the series last year?

“There will always be people who hate change but the BBC and the majority of the people watching the show were happy – and that’s the most important thing. There’s always certain jeopardy when reformatting a show and I think we were very lucky.

How long did it take to feel comfortable in Sean’s skin?

“I felt good about playing Sean pretty much from day one. You get thrown into the deep end with these jobs so there isn’t very much time to think ‘What am I doing?’ Sean’s very like me in some ways. The most nerve-racking thing is when I have to play a character with an accent!”

What’s your least favourite thing about Sean?

“Sean’s got a photographic memory, which is an actor’s worst nightmare, because I don’t! I have to be pretty hot on my words especially when I’ve got a scene with lots of dialogue.”

What’s different with Sean this year?

“We’ve taken away his element of messing things up as much. He won’t be getting drunk mid-con this year like he did in the last series. He’s still not as good as Mickey, and he probably never will be, but he’s getting there. In this series you see him taking a step forward and becoming a fully-fledged and vital member of the team.”

Does he mastermind any cons?

“In one of the episodes his father – played by Danny Webb – appears and Sean comes up with a way to con him. It’s not a perfect plan by any means but he gets to call the shots and brief the team. It’s nice to see this development in him from last year.”

Is he much more grown-up and together now?

“He still doesn’t have a clue of what’s going on half the time! The other guys have a much tougher job, while Sean is always a second slower than the rest of the gang. I suppose this makes up for his having a photographic memory. He gets to take a step back and let all the other guys come up with the clever ideas.”