‘I can be a horrible drunk’ – Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church has revealed that she can be less than pleasant when she’s drunk.

The TV star – who is due to give birth next month – said she and her Welsh rugby player boyfriend Gavin Henson never argue unless they’ve had one too many at the bar.

“We never ever ever argue,” she told OK! magazine. “Well, not unless I’m drunk, and let me tell you I can be a horrible drunk. But Gavin can be an a***hole when he’s drunk too. In fact, we’re both really s*** drunks.

“But I haven’t been like that for a while, even before I found I was pregnant.

“I think it’s because we’ve settled into the relationship. When we first started going out, I’d get really jealous if he spoke to girls or if anyone came over to talk to him. Nowadays I’m as cool as a cucumber and I trust him with my life.”

She added that the rugby ace is already bonding with the baby.

“Whenever Gavin puts his hand over my bump, the baby kicks where his hand is,” she explained. “There was one day when I was at a wedding – I’d been away all day and when I got home Gavin came and put his hand on my belly and I swear the baby tried to escape.

“It was like, Daddy, I haven’t heard your voice all day!”

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