Fans of Cliff Richard can enjoy Cliff: The World Tour on the Biography channel this weekend. Here, the Peter Pan of Pop talks about loving life – and playing tennis when he’s 100!

Are you pleased with how your autobiography was received?
“The bane of my existence has been the way some sections of the press have sometimes chosen to show me in a negative light. With your own book, you get to say what you actually think without having it doctored. I’ve always maintained I’m the most radical rock ‘n’ roll singer Britain has ever seen. I was the only one who didn’t spit or swear or sleep around. I didn’t do drugs. I didn’t get drunk. I didn’t indulge in soulless sex. And I’ve always felt comfortable with the decisions I’ve taken. I like being Cliff Richard.”

Why have you never married?
“The stark truth must be that I was never deeply enough in love. The question, I realised, was not whether I could live with that person for the rest of my life but whether I could live without them. And, if I could, it was best not to go any further with the relationship.”

But is has led to a lot of speculation about your private life?
“Well, let them. There are parts of me no one will ever know and why should they? I discovered I’m an enigma – and I love that.”

So you are very content with your life?
“I’m happy and I’m settled. I’m just not married. And I’ve got to that stage in my life where I think I made the right decision. I freewheel around the place. I spend the winter in Barbados, the summer in Portugal. I also have an apartment in New York. I now spend only about three months of the year in the UK. If I never saw another British winter, it wouldn’t bother me at all.”

How do you keep in shape?
“I was having a massage in Dubai in 2001 and the masseuse started talking about the Blood Group diet. Which has been great. I weigh 10st 7lbs and I’ve got a 30-inch waist, the same as I had 30 years ago.”

What about surgery?
“I tried Botox once but didn’t like it – ‘It left my eyebrows drooping over my eyes. But I always say that, if I had a big hairy wart on the end of my nose, I’d have that removed. So why not the double crease I’ve had on my forehead since childhood? We’ll see.”

Do you envy young people starting out in the music business today?
“When I began, my influences were few – Sinatra and Elvis and that was about it. If I were on one of the many TV talent shows today with just those few vocal heroes, I wouldn’t stand a chance.”

What do you think of these kinds of shows?
“They can prove a great launching pad for those with genuine talent. My only word of warning would be to surround yourself with people who are trustworthy and can nurture and exploit – in the best sense – the opportunities that might present themselves afterwards.”

Do you ever think about retirement?
“I could have retired 10 years ago if I were no longer ambitious. But it just won’t die. I’m still driven. I never feel I’ve reached my peak. And I can’t ever imagine not making records. It’s always been the most pleasurable part of what I do. But I’ll tell you my real ambition: I plan to play a game of tennis on my 100th birthday! And win, of course.”