‘I love Come Dine With Me!’ says Nick Clegg (VIDEO)

With the general election less than two weeks away, leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg is exceptionally busy right now. Yet the Deputy Prime Minister still found a few minutes to chat to us about his favourite TV shows this week.

As a keen football fan, one show he tries not to miss is Match of the Day on a Saturday night, but the politician also spoke of his love for reality cookery series Come Dine With Me.

“I used to love watching Come Dine With Me,” he explained. “It was very funny and i enjoyed it a lot. My wife watches a lot more television than me and she enjoys Call the Mifdwife and The Good Wife.”

Nick went on to explain that he rarely gets time to watch soaps and also recounts a grilling he got at the hands of Alex Brooker on The Last Leg recently.

“One TV host I really like is Stephen Fry,” he says.”QI is fantastic and he steers it really well.”

Before we let the Deputy Prime Minister get back to Westminster we asked him which three television programmes he would take with him to a desert island…

“Well I’d have to take Come Dine With Me to remind me what it was like to eat a decent meal,” he replied. “I’d also take a bit of Bear Grylls with me to help with survival and maybe some David Attenborough so I could recognise the flora and fauna!”

Watch our video interview with Nick Clegg, above…

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