Strictly Come Dancing star Michelle Williams has said she loves the dresses on the show so much she wants to wear one when she gets married.

The former Destiny’s Child star told The Sun that she would love the dress designers on the show to make a bridal gown for her – if and when she decides to tie the knot.

“I love the clothes on Strictly,” she said. “The company who do them make amazing dresses.

“I told them, ‘One day you’ll have to make my wedding dress’ – and I’m not even engaged. I would love to take inspiration from my Strictly outfits to make it.

“Just walking into where all the dresses are made and seeing all the Swarovski crystals and fabrics, it’s just so beautiful,” she added. “My dress for the foxtrot – I loved it.”

Michelle – who will perform a rumba on Saturday’s show – confessed to having a boyfriend and said how supportive he had been of her on Strictly.

“He was here last week and he did see me on the show,” she said. “He said it was hard to see me being criticised.

“But I do fancy the men over here,” the singer joked, “and if Brendan wasn’t married he’d be in trouble!”