TV presenter Graham Norton has admitted that he would love to get Madonna as a guest on his chat show – and would devote the whole show to her if he did.

Graham – who is also currently hosting Over The Rainbow on BBC1 – described the singer as the “Holy Grail” of talk show guests.

“If we’re on the air long enough, hopefully there will come a day when she’ll come on,” he said.

“Essentially it’s because I’d like to meet her, it’s as simple as that. I’ve never met her and I’d like to.

“In her case I think you’d do a special,” he added. “I think you’d have to do a special just with her, maybe with other people along the way but it would be the Madonna show. If Glee can give up their show for her then I’m sure I can.”

Recent guests on The Graham Norton show have included Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez and funnyman John Cleese.

“We always aim to have good people on, that’s our plan,” Graham said. “Some weeks are easier than other weeks. It does help to have that star power to kickstart the evening.”