‘I want to get home!’ says Doctor Who star Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan has proved a hit across the pond over the last year, but the former Doctor Who star hinted that she would like to find more UK roles.

The Scottish actor has been shooting her next film, In A Valley Of Violence, in New Mexico, alongside co-stars John Travolta, Vera Farmiga and Ethan Hawke. She is also playing the lead role of Eliza Dooley in US comedy series Selfie.

“I seem to be over there (a lot), I want to get home,” she said.

Of In A Valley Of Violence, the 26-year-old said: “It’s completely different to everything I’ve done before. This is a straight acting piece.

“It’s a Western, a traditional revenge Western, and I play a girl who runs a hotel and gets wrapped up in all the violence that happens in the town. It’s quite a serious Western but that’s really fun because I get to do a nice comedy TV show now, so there’s a nice contrast.”

Karen, who previously played the Doctor’s companion Amy Pond in BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who, had to shave off her hair and spend hours in blue body paint as Nebula in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy.

“It was fun. I started to work out for the first time in my life,” she said.

“I took martial arts training, I had to do that every day when I wasn’t training. It was a real commitment but it really helps me get into the character.”

Guardians Of The Galaxy, which also stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel, is in cinemas now. Check out the trailer below…

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