Margaret Mountford has said she thinks she may have been fired from The Apprentice as she wasn’t asked back for the interview round this year.

As a former aide to Alan Sugar on the BBC show, Margaret usually makes a guest appearance towards the end of each series, when candidates are grilled in a series of interviews by some of Lord Sugar’s toughest business friends.

But Margaret says: “They didn’t ask me back. I suppose I was fired! No, obviously they weren’t going to want me to carry on doing interviews forever, and nor did I want to do them forever.”

Asked whether she missed being on The Apprentice, Margaret replied: “I’m pleased I did it. I went through a while of thinking that I wasn’t happy, but now I am and it’s opened doors for me.”

Margaret also revealed she would be working with former Apprentice co-star, Nick Hewer, again: “We’re hopefully doing something [for TV] about railways. Nick and I do get on very well – we can be grumpy old people together.”

The Apprentice continues on BBC1, Wednesday, November 26, 9.00pm.