If it stars Jennifer Aniston, it must be a romcom.

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These days, if you see Jennifer Aniston‘s name billed, you don’t have to ask about the movie, do you? You just know it’s going to be a romcom.

She is undoubtedly the rom com queen of the last decade. Take a look:

Picture Perfect, Jennifer Aniston,Kevin Bacon

Aniston plays an advertising exec who tries to get ahead by impressing her colleagues with an invented fiancé. It may be predictable fare but it’s an easy watch (and I should know – I’ve watched it numerous times). Kevin Bacon is fun as a womanising slimeball.

The Object of My Affection

In this one she plays a New York teacher who falls for her gay roommate Paul Rudd. It’s a great angle for a romcom, since so many heterosexual women do fall in love with their gay boyfriends.

Along Came Polly, Ben Stiller,Jennifer Aniston

Aniston plays a free spirit who changes the life of jilted groom Ben Stiller in this 2003 film.

Rumor Has It, Jennifer Aniston

In this entertaining movie, Jennifer plays Sarah, a newspaper obituary writer who discovers that her grandmother was the real-life basis for the character of Mrs Robinson in The Graduate. Shirley MacLaine steals the show as Jen’s grannie.

Friends With Money, Jennifer Aniston

As a singleton cleaner, she causes great concern for all her well-heeled married friends in this comedy.

The Break-Up,Jennifer Aniston

Aniston and her former boyfriend Vince Vaughn play a couple who split in this romcom, but the problem is they are still in love.


In this one she plays a successful sales executive who is pursued by motel manager Steve Zahn when she checks into his establishment for two nights.

Jen plays Jenny in this movie – a newlywed who is bought a labrador puppy by her husband Owen Wilson in a bid to hold back her maternal urges.

He’s Just Not That Into You

Aniston plays just one of the characters in this star-studded ensemble piece about several deluded women who are under the illusion that there’s some multi-layered reason why the guy they fancy hasn’t called/texted/emailed. It’s trying to be Sex and the City, but seriously lacks the witty self parody of that franchise. In addition to Aniston, it stars Scarlett Johansson, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly and Ginnifer Goodwin. What a waste of talent!

Love Happens, Jennifer Aniston

Grieving author Aaron Eckhart is bewitched by Aniston’s flirty florist in this moving romcom.

Jennifer stars with Gerard Butler in this action romcom which opened at cinemas in March. Action and romcom together? Not my cup of tea.

It’s bizarre. Over the past 13 years, Jennifer Aniston has played a Kate (Picture Perfect), a Nina (The Object of My Affection), a Polly (Along Came Polly), a Sarah (Rumor Has It), an Olivia (Friends with Money), a Brooke (The Break-Up), a Sue (Management), a Jenny (Marley and Me), a Beth (He’s Just Not That Into You), an Eloise (Love Happens), and a Nicole (The Bounty Hunter), but I still can’t help myself from thinking of her as Rachel (from Friends). Anyone else have this problem?

What it would take to break this knee-jerk reaction? I reckon either a Friends famine on TV or Aniston taking on a very different role, like a psychopath, or zombie, or simply a woman with different hair – I’m thinking a peroxide perm perhaps, or maybe a maroon Mohican…

Anyway, change is in the air.

Now that Aniston is 41, some people are starting to ask if she’s now too old to be romcom queen.

This is rather ridiculous since you don’t stop living and loving after 40, but nevertheless it is perhaps time for Jennifer to take a new creative direction. And it seems that she’s thinking the same thing. She announced recently that she plans to move behind the camera and is about to start a directing project.

I look forward to seeing how she gets on, but I do hope that the change evolves further, and we get to see something new from her in front of the camera as well.


  • He’s Just Not That Into You (see above clip) is showing  today 23rd April on Sky Movies Premiere at 8pm, and at various times throughout the week
  • The Graduate is showing today 23rd April on ITV3 at 11.20pm
  • Marley & Me is showing on Sunday 25th April on Sky Movies Drama at 8pm
  • Love Happens is currently available on demand on Sky Box Office

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