Ill Bill Turnbull returns to BBC Breakfast after month ‘off games’

Bill Turnbull has made his return to the BBC Breakfast sofa after more than a month away unwell, and told viewers it was a ‘huge boost and tonic’ to be back.

The 57-year-old presenter has been off screens since October 2 as a result of an unspecified bout of ill health, with Charlie Stayt filling in as guest host.

Bill was welcomed back by colleagues and viewers today (November 12), but did not elaborate on his illness.

Co-presenter Susanna Reid told him at the start of the BBC One show: “Can I just say on behalf of a grateful nation, welcome back to the Breakfast sofa – you have been sorely missed and we are all hoping that you feel enormously better.”

He told her: “It is a huge boost and tonic to be with you again on the sofa.”

Bill last week announced that he was due to return, after earlier telling his fans on Twitter: “Sorry for prolonged absence from Breakfast sofa. Been ‘off games’ for a while, but getting better now.”

He suggested on Twitter last night that he was liable to miss some of today’s programme because his alarm clock was not working.

After this morning’s programme, he made a jokey reference to David Dimbleby’s recent decision to get a tattoo at the age of 75.

In a message to his followers, Bill said: “Well, that was nice. Might go and get a tattoo to celebrate.”


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