I’m a secret binge drinker, says Sir Trevor

Veteran newsreader Sir Trevor McDonald has revealed he is a secret binge drinker who regularly finishes a bottle of wine after work.

The Mirror reports that the News At Ten host admitted to enjoying a post-work drink for the past 35 years, in an interview with wine magazine Decanter.

“The problem is that it’s never just a glass,” Sir Trevor said. “I get home at 11pm and then look at my watch and it’s approaching midnight and I’m on my fourth glass.”

And he also confessed that during his break from reading the news – he returned as presenter of the relaunched News At Ten in January – he used to drink even more.

“Now I get told off by my wife for opening champagne at 11am on Sunday but I get around it by saying it’s midday in Paris,” he revealed.

The 68-year-old – who also presents the National TV Awards – will leave News At Ten later in the year.