I’m perfectly normal, says McDonagh

In Bruges filmmaker Martin McDonagh has insisted he is perfectly normal – despite the dark subject matter he conjures up.
The writer and director’s new film Seven Psychopaths is a gruesome black comedy full of damaged characters and graphic violence.
But McDonagh, who has also penned bleak yet funny theatre hits such as The Beauty Queen Of Leenane, said at the film’s London premiere: “I’m really nice. I’m normal, because I get all the s*** out there and let other people deal with it.”
The director enlisted Irish star Colin Farrell, who he worked with on In Bruges, to play a boozy writer in the film.
“Colin’s a dream. He’s a great actor, he’s great fun to be around and he’s got a lot of integrity. He’s just such a nice guy,” McDonagh said.
US star Sam Rockwell also attended the special screening for the Jameson Cult Film Club at the Oval Space in Bethnal Green, east London.
He plays an out-of-work actor who kidnaps dogs then returns them to their owners to receive the reward money.
Rockwell said of McDonagh: “He’s a genius. He’s a beautiful, amazing writer.”
And he said it was easy to get into character for the movie. “I am a bit crazy myself so it wasn’t hard,” he added.
Seven Psychopaths is released in UK cinemas on December 5.