In & Out

Couch Potato Pickings

On Film4 tonight at 7.15pm

I had this movie plucked for my pickings back in November during the week of the American election – it was on then.

With this week marking the historical moment that the US  get s its 44th president, I’ve been recalling that memorable moment on 4th November 2008 when I switched on the TV and screamed with relief to learn that Barack Obama had been voted in, and then screamed with dismay to learn that California had voted gay marriage out.

In light of the latter development, I didn’t feel in the mood for tonight’s lighthearted movie on a gay theme and I picked something else entirely.

So here I am over two months later, finally poised to watch In & Out. How spooky that it so happens to be the week of Obama’s inauguration. And, how great that Obama’s civil rights agenda clearly lays out broad support for the gay community.

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