In Secret - Elizabeth Olsen as Therese Raquin

Set in a dingy, morbidly oppressive 1860s Paris, In Secret is a faithful if uneven adaptation of Thérèse Raquin, Emile Zola’s classic 19th-century tale of illicit desire and suffocating guilt. Elizabeth Olsen is the wife trapped in a stifling marriage to her sickly cousin (Tom Felton, better known as Harry Potter’s Hogwarts’ nemesis Draco Malfoy), her passions fatefully awakened by the arrival of her husband’s handsome childhood friend (a saturnine Oscar Isaac). Shirley Henderson, Matt Lucas and Mackenzie Crook pop up on the margins of the tale in semi-comic supporting roles, but the film’s most striking performance comes from Jessica Lange, evoking both distaste and sympathy as the heroine’s overbearing mother-in-law.


Certificate 15. Runtime 102 mins. Director Charlie Stratton.

Released on DVD by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. 


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