Inbetweeners Movie sequel confirmed for 2014

A sequel to the hit Inbetweeners Movie has been confirmed for release in 2014.

The Sun reported that the plot would involve the four ex school buddies backpacking around Australia. However E4 has been quick to point out this is just one of the ideas being considered.

A post on the Inbetweeners official Facebook wall says: “Facebook ‘Fwends’ – we told you you’d be the first to hear about Inbetweeners stuff, and althought that’s still true The Sun went rifling and found some stuff out about a sequel. Nothing’s signed yet, and Australia is just one of the ideas we’re kicking around, but we hope to have a new and definitiely final film for you some time next year.”

It continued: “We hope you miss us as much as we miss you.”

The hit E4 comedy was turned into a box office smash on the big screen in 2011. All four stars – James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Simon Bird and Joe Thomas – are expected to return for the sequel.

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