Best known as Neil from The Inbetweeners, Blake Harrison stars in ITV’s new comedy drama Edge of Heaven (Friday, February 21), centred on the staff and guests of Margate’s finest 1980’s themed B&B.

Here, he talks Ouija boards and getting dumped!

What appealed to you about the part of Alfie in Edge of Heaven?

“Well, I was able to come at it from a more dramatic direction than I have done with characters I’ve played previously. Alfie’s also probably the closest character I’ve played to myself. Variety is probably the best thing about being an actor, so to do something you’ve not done before is always very exciting.”

In the first episode, Alfie is jilted at the altar by his fiancee Carly. How’s he feeling?

“Alfie’s gutted and fears he’s lost his entire future. He had it all planned out; they were going to get married, have kids and go on big family holidays to Disneyworld – but now he’s lost all that and is a complete mess.”

Alfie and Carly have a mutual friend, Michelle, played by ex-EastEnder Louisa Lytton. Does she have any feelings for Alfie?

“Alfie sees Michelle as one of the guys and she’s his best friend. But it’s soon clear why they’ve been friends for so long.”

Have you ever been dumped like Alfie?

“Of course I have! Who hasn’t! Alfie’s a hopeless romantic and I’ve been heartbroken a few times myself, so I can certainly relate to him. I’d always want long-term relationships and because I’d take things too seriously with girls, I’d scare them off!”

And now?

“I’ve been with one very special lady for over four years now and I finally think I’ve got it right. I’m pretty sure we’re sorted – unless I’ve got a very big surprise waiting for me when I get home!”

Where does Alfie fit in among the other characters at the B&B?

“He’s possibly the sane one! His mum Judy (played by Camille Coduri) is a little bit ditzy and there are lots of other, very extroverted characters within his family so he’s probably more grounded, I’d say.”

Do you share Judy’s love of Wham!?

“I can’t say that I’m as familiar with Wham! as she is. There’s the classic Wham! songs that you know from being alive, but I don’t own any Wham! albums, if that’s what you’re asking.”

Finally, have you ever stayed in any bizarre B&Bs?

“When we were filming one of the series of The Inbetweeners we stayed in a hotel where they had a room that had apparently, very recently, been haunted. So of course we decided to book that room to stay in and take an Ouija board with us… and nothing happened. Simon Bird [who plays Will] was hiding behind a curtain, ready to scare me, but I knew something like that was going to happen, so there was no fooling me!”