The Inbetweeners star Martin Trenaman has said the show’s blockbuster spin-off film “probably is the end of it”.

Fans of the comedy had been hoping for a sequel after the big-screen version’s massive box office success last summer.

But Martin, who plays Simon’s dad, said: “The producers and writers are saying, ‘That’s it now’. I suspect that it probably is it now; it’s finishing on such a high.

The actor and writer said taking part in the hit show and film was one of his favourite ever acting gigs, second only to his role in E4’s Phoneshop.

“It’s the way that Phil Bowker (who writes, produces and directs PhoneShop) works with writers and performers like me who are able to improv stuff before we shoot.

“He films all that, cherry picks the best stuff and it gets fed into the script, so that we have an input to the dialogue and sometimes to little plot bits. If he likes it, he’ll shoot it and make it work.”

Martin kept tight-lipped, however, about the plot of the new series.

“It’s a little bit under wraps at the moment. I can say that although it is firmly based in the PhoneShop on the high street, it does go out of the shop a little bit more this series than it did the last series.

“I think Phil was keen in the first series to establish that workplace and that retail environment.”

PhoneShop returns to screens on Thursday November 10 at 10pm.