Inbetweeners’ stars doubt movie sequel

The Inbetweeners have cast doubts over a potential sequel to their new film.

The box office hit, which sees the four lads heading off on a lads’ holiday in Malia, marks the end of the hit TV series and the actors aren’t sure about a reunion in the future.

Simon Bird, who plays Will, said: “I don’t think we’d do a 10-year reunion. I mean never say never, we might not have worked,” as James Buckley (Jay) added: “We’ll be trying to get a 10-year reunion!”

Blake Harrison – who is best known for portraying Neil – admitted the characters may not be so well-loved in years to come, should they age.

“The reason the show works is that all these horrible things these characters say, you forgive them because they’re so young and ignorant,” he explained.

“So if we did something where these characters are 10 years older, you couldn’t get away with what we get away with now. The whole point of the show is look how stupid we all were when we were that age.”

James added that the high school friends may grow apart in the future.

“They’re all at the same social level so that’s basically why they’re friends. In 10 years’ time they’ll all have more important people in their lives than each other and at the moment that’s not really the case,” he said.

The Inbetweeners Movie is in cinemas now.