Inbetweeners stars say ‘film will be hilarious’

Stars of the hit E4 comedy The Inbetweeners have said their big-screen debut will be hilarious.

Joe Thomas who plays Simon Cooper in the E4 comedy said the film, which begins shooting next month, won’t disappoint the fans.

“We don’t want to give too much away because of the film and that, but it’s the Inbetweeners trying to have a nice holiday – imagine that, hilarious!” he said backstage at the British Comedy Awards, where the cast picked up the award for best sitcom.

He added: “They’re not good at things, are they? So you can imagine how bad their holiday is going to be.”

Simon Bird, who plays Will McKenzie, joked that viewers will be treated to some genitalia shots – which all belong to Joe.

“All five testicles of Joe’s will be out, five weirdly, but not the sixth,” he quipped.

The big-screen adaptation of the award-winning series, scheduled for release this summer, will see the lads going on a boys’ trip to Malia.

The Inbetweeners cast said their latest accolade is a ‘surprise’.

“It’s amazing. We’re genuinely surprised and we’re thrilled, we were definitely not expecting to win,” said Joe.

Co-star Blake Harrison (Neil Sutherland) added: “I thought we were the outside bet in all honesty and I was very surprised.”