Inside Out | DVD review – Pixar’s latest brainwave: a dazzling trip inside a young girl’s mind

A young girl’s growing pains are brought to life with dazzling wit and tender wisdom in the brilliant animated movie Inside Out, Pixar’s best work since Toy Story 3 and Up.

Five personified emotions live inside 11-year-old Riley’s head – Joy (voiced by Amy Poehler); Fear (Bill Hader); Anger (Lewis Black); Disgust (Mindy Kaling); and Sadness (Phyllis Smith). They guide Riley’s feelings from a knob-laden control desk, processing her new memories as they arrive. And it’s Joy, wide-eyed, fairy-like and permanently buoyant, who takes the lead until Riley is uprooted from her hometown when her father takes another job.

The turmoil of the move leads to Joy and Sadness being ejected from HQ and stranded in the outer reaches of Riley’s mindscape. Their struggle to make it back to their colleagues and prevent further disaster works as an engaging adventure packed with colour and incident, while also cleverly and humorously mapping out the workings of the brain.

Inside Out is available from 23 November on DVD & Blu-ray from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

Certificate U. Runtime 94 mins. Director Pete Docter.

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