Irrational Man | Film review – Woody Allen’s darkly comic tale of crime and punishment

Woody Allen delivers another of his darkly comic moral fables about crime and punishment, guilt and fate in Irrational Man, a tale of a depressed philosophy professor who re-ignites his burnt-out life by secretly committing a dark deed. Overly wordy and sometimes flat, the film is a distinctly patchy affair. Yet it remains weirdly compelling.

Joaquin Phoenix is engagingly off-kilter as the flabby, jaded professor with angst in his pants and Emma Stone brings real spark to her stock role as the button-bright undergraduate who falls for him, while on the soundtrack the propulsive groove of the Ramsey Lewis Trio’s mid-60s jazz hit ‘The In Crowd’ gives the film nervy pep.

Certificiate 12A. Runtime 91 mins. Director Woody Allen

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