Is Dr Laura Hobson a killer?

Clare Holman reveals why her character, pathologist Laura Hobson, is in the frame for murder in the final episode of Lewis (ITV1, Sunday, May 30)…

What happens in this episode?

“Laura turns up at a murder scene to discover her friend from university, Ligeia, is the victim. Then there’s another murder in the house Laura and her friends used to live in when they were students.”

How does this implicate her in the murders?

“Slowly but surely this very tangled web begins to unravel and all the indicators point to something dubious about Laura and her past, which could involve her in these murders.”

How does this affect Lewis and Hathaway?

“Everyone starts to doubt her innocence and Lewis and Hathaway have a real problem on their hands as they’ve to question her. For Lewis that’s incredibly difficult – they’ve worked together for 10 years, so he finds it a real struggle.”

Did you enjoy delving into Laura’s past for a change?

“It was great for me! Usually we see little of Laura’s private life. She’s either working with dead bodies or in a jumpsuit! It was really enjoyable for me to fill in a bit of her background and find out who she is.”

What do you think is the enduring appeal of the series?

“I think people like Lewis because it’s a slightly old-fashioned detective series where things have to be worked out like a crossword puzzle. It leaves the audience guessing, and makes them feel they’re part of the solution.”

Would you like to see Lewis and Laura have a romantic relationship?

“As an actor, you always want more – that’s all I’ll say!”

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