Is Mark Wright the new Mr Motivator?

Former Only Way is Essex star and I’m a Celeb runner up Mark Wright helps four viewers get in shape in Daybreak’s new fitness strand, Downsize in Dubai

What part do you play in Downsize in Dubai?

“I’m there to motivate the recruits and boost their confidence. If people are serious about losing weight, I always like to encourage them, but these contestants will be in for a shock as training will be very tough. Along with fitness expert Elize Lindsey (pictured) and mind coach Emma Kenny, we won’t stand for less that 100 per cent commitment. It’s certainly no holiday! I can’t wait to see the results.”

We’ve seen you on TOWIE trying to help Arg lose weight…

“I’ve always offered my friends advice, so to be able to do it as a job is brilliant. With friends, you can obviously have a bit of banter, but with these people it’s different. They really want to lose weight and I want to be there to help them.”

How do you stay in shape yourself?

“I do it in a weird and not particularly healthy way, so I’d rather not encourage people. Basically, I will do six weeks of strict dieting and exercising – then I’ll have six weeks of eating rubbish and not training at all! My advice would be to maintain a steady training regime and a balanced diet throughout the year.”

Do you like going to the gym?

“No one likes going to the gym, least of all me! But no one should be embarrassed about going to the gym – it’s not about what other people think, it’s about looking after yourself. Nothing beats looking good and feeling great.”

Viewers saw ‘quite a lot’ of you in the jungle. Have you always been body confident?

“I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been shy about my body, but I’d love to have a six-pack. I’ve been eating really unhealthily since the jungle, so training with the recruits in Dubai will be just the kick-start I need to get in shape, too.”

Mark fronts Downsize in Dubai from Monday, January 16 on Daybreak.