Michelle reportedly going to get caught up in his reign of terror

Even when we thought Coronation Street’s most terrifying baddie, Pat Phelan, was six feet under, he came back to haunt us. And now, as his reign of terror continues, it’s emerged that Michelle Connor could be his next victim!

During his killing spree, Pat has already killed off four residents of Wetherfield, but never a household name. But now, Michelle, played by Kym Marsh, is going to reportedly get embroiled in his twisted ways.

According to The Sun, Michelle will get caught-up in vicious fight at her wedding. But instead of having a sip of champers and letting things wash over, the brawl gets so out-of-hand that Michelle ends up being shot.

Carla and Michelle Connor fall out over Ali Neeson in Coronation Street

And apparently the scenes are so gruesome that ITV and Corrie boss’s have decided they will be aired after the 9pm watershed.

Pat’s return recently shook the cobbles after it was presumed he was dead after wife Eileen stamped on his hand and he ended up in the water.

Coronation Street

Now, his evil plan is to crash Michelle and Robert’s big day at the Bistro and wreak havoc once again. And this is when Michelle gets caught in the cross-fire.

A source told The Sun: “The scenes were shot last week and are more like a horror film than a soap.

“Phelan will come back to Weatherfield and crash Michelle and Robert’s wedding day. In all the carnage, she will end up being shot with ­Robert trying desperately to save her life before she bleeds out.

“Inevitably, the other guests will be involved in the madness too in the ­aftermath of him ­shooting her.

“The scenes are so gruesome ITV bosses have decided to play them after 9pm so they don’t fall foul of any rules.”

Wow. Time to set the record button!

So, will she even make it to her honeymoon? Does “bleed out” mean she dies?

We’ll have to watch this space!