Is Miranda Hart going to kill off her own comedy character in Christmas special?

Miranda Hart has revealed that the two episodes of her hit comedy “Miranda” that she’s written for this Christmas will be the very last.

Talking on The Graham Norton Show, Miranda said: “The two episodes will be the finale of the whole thing.”

“So do you die at the end?” Graham asked. “Is it one of those darker episodes at Christmas?”

“Yes, it’s one where we all die,” Miranda laughed.

But she was just joking.

“I just felt that it was the right time for her to come into her own. I want her to be happy and succeed and once she’s done that there really isn’t a sitcom any more,” Miranda explained.

“OK… But it could come back, couldn’t it?” Graham pushed.

“Well, I’ve written the finale,” Miranda said. “And when I announced on twitter that I had a big announcement to make, one person tweeted, ‘Please say you’re retiring’!

“I think that’s quite funny. You can’t expect to be in this business without being ridiculed. It’s part of the fun!”

Miranda will air on BBC1 this Christmas.

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