Is THIS Emmerdale favourite about to CONFESS to causing the factory fire death?

As Emmerdale villagers struggle in the aftermath of the factory fire, Amy Wyatt is close to confessing everything...

Next week’s Emmerdale sees the guilt becoming too much for Amy Wyatt as everyone reels from the factory fire death. But will she confess to causing the fire with mum, Kerry?

As the Sharma family struggle in the wake of the fire, realising that not only the factory but also their livelihood has burned to the ground, a guilty Kerry and Amy are keeping a low profile.

The pair are still in denial about the fact they have inadvertently caused a fire that took someone’s life, and they agree to act normal and pretend nothing has happened.

Emmerdale, Jai Sharma

The villagers are left reeling after the factory fire took someone’s life (Picture: ITV)

However when the factory ruins are sorted through, news soon spreads that the safe was found and that the money from the charity event is missing, leaving the mother/daughter duo start to feel the net closing in on them.

As Kerry struggles to contain her guilt, she starts to act suspiciously and the police arrive to take her in for questioning… leaving her reeling.

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Once at the station Kerry struggles under the pressure of maintaining her lie and the police soon start to pick holes in her story.

Emmerdale, Kerry Wyatt, Amy Wyatt

Amy is worried her mum Kerry is not keeping a low profile after the factory fire (Picture: ITV)

As her fibs unravel around her, Kerry panics and soon implicates someone else in a desperate attempt to hide her own secrets… but who has she just put in the frame for starting the fire?

When Kerry gets home, she is left fuming when she overhears Amy almost confessing the truth to Nate. Thankfully she stops just in time, but clearly the pressure is getting too much for Amy and she is on the verge of telling all…

Could Amy reveal everything next time? And just how far will Kerry go to keep their dark secret safe?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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