Is Trevor Stuart’s friend or foe?

Best known as EastEnders’ Ricky Butcher actor Sid Owen turns up in The Bill this week as DS Stuart Turner’s likeable limo driver Trevor Jones. But, as Sid reveals, there’s a reason why Trevor’s being so friendly…

You’re playing a character called Trevor. How do Trevor and DS Stuart Turner first meet?

“We first meet because Trevor’s the driver for a man named Billy Peters who’s been arrested. Later, Trevor’s waiting outside the police station and start talking to Stuart about being ‘the new star’ on Wanted. Trevor tells Stuart that, if he ever needs a driver, he can have the first ride for free. But it’s all a front really.”

What? Trevor’s not really a chauffeur?

“No – it’s all just a front for his real ‘job’. Trevor’s just trying to reel Stuart in to find out information.”

OK, so what’s Trevor really up to?

“He’s a big-time cocaine dealer. He’s the mastermind behind all the coke dealing going on in the local area. Trevor’s got lots of people working for him; dealing drugs in limos and that sort of thing.”

If Trevor is really a criminal, why would he want to be friends with Stuart, a cop?

“It’s all a calculated move – all Trevor’s doing is trying to befriend Stuart in order to get information out of him. Trevor’s discovered that the police are trying to track down ‘the postman’ – the dealer who always delivers – and because he’s involved in that circle he’s trying to throw the police off course and steer them in another direction.”

Surely, it’s only a matter of time before Stuart realises Trevor’s involved?

“When the evidence starts to point towards Trevor, he takes Stuart under his wing and tries to set him up. In the end, Trevor makes it look like Stuart’s involved as well – it’s a case of ‘if I’m going down, you’re coming with me!'”

You’re best known for playing Ricky Butcher in EastEnders. Any plans to return to the soap?

“I had such a great time there so I’d love to go back. If they had a good storyline then I’d definitely go back. People still shout out ‘Rickaay’ in the street!”

A lot is made of the EastEnders-Bill merry-go-round. Why do actors seem to move between the two shows?

“The only reason why that’s the way it is is because soap actors know what they’re doing. When I worked on EastEnders, a lot of actors would come in but they wouldn’t be able to handle the workload. The Bill is a big show too and it’s about being able to come up with the goods at the end of the day.”

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