Cheryl Cole’s Geordie accent is apparently proving to be a problem in her bid to become a TV star in the US.

The Girls Aloud singer has been chosen by Simon Cowell to front a US version of The X Factor, but the Daily Mirror reports US TV bosses are screening episodes of the British talent show to audiences to gauge how well they can understand her.

The Mirror reports that they were bowled over by her looks and charisma, but they had trouble understanding her accent. Apparently, Cowell jokingly offered to arrange elocution lessons, but it’s reportedly a serious consideration.

When Ant and Dec – both also born and bred in Newcastle – filmed game show Wanna Bet in America, US producers hired an interpreter to prevent their accents confusing viewers.

The specialist listened on headphones and alerted bosses by hitting a button if he heard something he did not understand.

Dec said their pronunciation of ‘our’ proved trickiest for Americans. But he insisted: “They weren’t completely in the dark – it only happened about twice in six shows.”