Israeli black satire Rabies gets its UK TV premiere on The Horror Channel

rabies 2010 poster

In directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado’s 2010 Israeli black satire Rabies (aka Kalevet) – which is more a play on the idea of the disease than the disease itself – short tempers and misunderstandings result in one screwed-up day for four friends heading off for a game of tennis, as the woods they get lost in become a battle zone (a subtle hint at the country’s ‘situation’) when the four friends come to the man’s aid, but end up fighting each other and a couple of sleazy cops. The results are grisly, gory and downright hilarious.

rabies 2010 poster

With its snappy dialogue (in Hebrew, of course), colourful characters and inventive shocks – bear traps, mines, and the great outdoors are all put to blackly comic good use – this is one of those indie film festival finds that so deserves a wider audience and thankfully UK’s The Horror Channel

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