Chris O’Dowd can’t believe he has been cast as the romantic hero in a Hollywood film.

The Irish comedian and star of The IT Crowd plays a caring cop in the comedy – written and starring Kristen Wiig – about two women’s attempts to outdo each other in organising their friend’s hen party, bridal shower and wedding.

Chris said of his new Hollywood leading man status: “I think this moment is probably fleeting. I can’t imagine I can get away with being charming for too long. We’ll see the truth soon enough.

“I’m so shocked that people are saying these things now because at the time I just thought, ‘Oh well I’m like the ditzy girl in a rom-com kind of part, I’m just going to play with my cleavage and see what happens’.”

The film, which also stars Mad Men’s John Hamm and Maya Rudolph, is the opposite of a sugar-coated, girlie story.

Kristen said: “”We wanted to tell the real story of what it’s like to be in a wedding and what you’re expected to do. It’s a lot – and it’s kind of a pain in the a**.”

Bridesmaids opens in UK cinemas on Wednesday, June 22.