It Follows | DVD review – Seriously scary horror thriller unleashes a new threat for America’s suburban teens

It Follows - Maika Monroe, Jake Weary

More than 35 years after John Carpenter’s Halloween, leafy American suburbia remains a perilous place for teenagers. However, the threat youngster Jay (Maika Monroe) faces in horror thriller It Follows is no knife-wielding maniac. Instead, her implacable foe is a pursuer who can take the form of a succession of different people, all walking towards her at a slow but relentless pace. Only she can see the stalker and her only hope of survival is to pass on this curse to someone else. There’s something uncannily eerie about the unnamed entity, and the fact its origins are never explained only makes the film more unnerving. Jay and her teenage friends are portrayed with refreshing sensitivity but above all, It Follows is seriously scary with the remorseless antagonist becoming genuinely horrifying as we wait to see from where and in what form it will appear next.


Certificate 15. Runtime 96 mins. Director David Robert Mitchell.

It Follows is available on DVD, Blu-ray, VOD and Digital Download from Icon Home Entertainment.

Special features: Interview with the composer Disasterpeace; Audio Commentary with Danny Leigh (Film 2015) and Mark Jancovich (Professor of Film and Television Studies, UEA); Theatrical Trailer; Gallery


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