Sunday Scoop host Nadia Sawalha has admitted she will probably have a facelift in the future.

The former EastEnders actress and Loose Women panellist revealed she has given plenty of thought to going under the knife.

“Every single week I say, ‘If only I could have my neck lifted and dragged back and stuck with gaffer tape’.

“I think one day I probably will have a facelift.”

However, mother-of-two Nadia, 49, said when it comes to her body she is more than happy with her figure.

“Every year that’s gone by, I’ve learned so much and realised that actually I’ve got a great figure. When I was in my teens, twenties and early thirties it was all about what I’m not and what I couldn’t be and I think a lot of women use that reason not to go for things they want to do in life. They say, ‘If only I was a size eight, or a few stone lighter, I would do this or that…’.

“I have a great, healthy body, a curvy figure. I’m not supposed to be skinny and there was absolute joy in accepting that. I will now be a size 12 for the rest of my life and I’m really happy with that, it suits my body.”

Nadia, who lost two stone a few years ago, thinks women need to have realistic goals for weight loss.

“Don’t put up a hideous fat photo of yourself or one of a celebrity you’ll never be. Put up one of yourself where you looked really good and you will get back to it,” added Nadia.