ITV’s The Widower is ‘telling the truth of my sister’s terrible murder’

The brother of a woman who was murdered by her husband in a staged car accident has praised actress Sheridan Smith for her portrayal of his sister in a TV drama.

Malcolm Webster was jailed for a minimum of 30 years for killing Claire Morris in a planned crash in Aberdeenshire in 1994 and attempting to kill Felicity Drumm in New Zealand in 1999 to claim insurance money.

The story has been made into an ITV drama, The Widower, with Reece Shearsmith playing Webster and Sheridan playing Claire.

Her brother Peter Morris, who advised on the production of the three-part series, has praised the performance of the cast.

“Sheridan captured Claire completely. I miss that camaraderie of a sibling and I thank Sheridan for giving that back to me for a while.

“I feel as though if I want to see Claire again all I have to do is switch on this drama. At one stage off-set Sheridan hooked her arm through mine, and I told her it was exactly how Claire did it.”

Peter added: “Webster duped me. He is a callous murderer.

“I don’t know if he is watching The Widower, but what I do know is that the drama is telling the truth of the terrible death my sister suffered.”

Press Association

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