Cilla Black has revealed who her ideal blind date would be – Hollywood star Jack Nicholson!

Speaking on today’s This Morning show on ITV1 she was asked about life on the dating scene following the death of her beloved husband Bobby to cancer 10 years ago.

“I’m just happy if they’re in possession of their own prostate!” said Cilla, 66. “I do date, and my ideal date would be Jack Nicholson – I like naughty.”

Cilla also talked about the cosmetic work she had done to her nose when she was younger.

“I got my nose done on my 25th birthday actually,” she said. “My mother was in floods of tears, saying ‘you’ve been at the top for five years with the old nose, why do you want a new one?’ But you know on television the nose didn’t look that bad, but on vista vision as it was then for the films I thought, ‘oh no’ and it was Bobby, my husband, who actually said, ‘you’ve gotta get the nose done!'”

Talking about the new CDs and DVD releases to mark her 45 years in show business, Cilla revealed: “The great thing is some of my old songs have been remixed – so it’s dance music and I’m now in the clubs! I’m gonna go to a few and dance round my own handbag! I do love to party.”