Jade was the ‘Primark Princess’ says Brand

Comedian Russell Brand has paid tribute to Jade Goody on his website, calling her the ‘Primark Princess’.

Brand, who knew the former Big Brother star, said that people criticised her because she was “just a normal girl with no trade or practised skills”.

“Well people didn’t care”, he wrote. “Our heroes are not prescribed to us.

“We have the right to choose them and the people chose Jade. When Big Brother 3 made her famous, she was vilified in the paper and bullied in the house.

But through her spirit she won people back round and became a kind of Primark Princess with perfumes and fitness videos and endless media coverage – because people were interested in her. They remain interested.”

Brand added that one of his best friends, a woman in her mid-20s, was “genuinely heartbroken” at Jade’s death from cervical cancer last weekend.

“Herself a mother from a working class background, she obviously connects with this sad narrative in a way that she doesn’t seem to with J-Lo or Jennifer Aniston or Posh Spice” he said, “most likely because of Jade’s authenticity and accessibility.”

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