James Corden: ‘Fatherhood’s nothing but annoying!’

James Corden has admitted becoming a father has been a shock and joked ‘it’s nothing but annoying’.

The Gavin and Stacey star – whose fiancee Julia Carey gave birth to their son Max in March – admitted to Xfm radio presenter Danny Wallace he was struggling to get used to the new arrival.

James said: “For a while it’s nothing but annoying and then slowly and surely in around three months when you get a smile you go, ‘Aww, actually you’re all right.’

“Let’s be honest – I’m fed up of these guys who go, ‘Aww! The minute I held it in my arms, I just knew I’d jump in front of a bus for it.’ No you didn’t. A parked bus maybe.”

The 32-year-old actor also told Xfm’s news presenter Matt Dyson that having a baby would ‘ruin his life’.

And James said he is still coming to terms with his son sleeping in the same room.

He revealed: “He still sleeps in the room which was a shock to me when Jules asked where we were going to put the cot. I was like, ‘Well, in the other room’.

But he added: “My girlfriend, or should I say fiancee, is a wonderful mum – the best person I could have chosen to have had a child with – she is amazing.”