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James Nesbitt teases upcoming Cold Feet: ‘There’s a very good opening fantasy sequence!’ (VIDEO)

James Nesbitt has hinted about what's the come when the comedy drama returns...

James Nesbitt has given an early hint about what fans can expect when Cold Feet returns for its seventh series.

Following the show’s successful reboot on ITV last year, after a 13-year absence, James and his co-stars are currently filming the next series of the comedy drama up in Manchester.

Talking to What’s on TV on the blue carpet at the Royal Television Society Awards on Tuesday night, he said he was delighted he was getting another chance to explore the character of Adam, and his dysfunctional friends.

“I have to go back tonight, so I’m looking forward to seeing the scenes I shoot tomorrow when they eventually come out,” said James. “It’s great, it’s fabulous to be back, we love it.”

James added that he was thrilled with the response when the show returned last year. “It just meant that people still identified with those characters, a new audience came to it as well and that was lovely.”

James clearly didn’t want to give away too many spoilers about the new series but hinted that fans could expect “a very good opening fantasy sequence”.

James had been recognised at the RTS awards, with a best actor nomination for his role as killer dentist Colin Howell in the ITV mini-series, The Secret.

Based on a true story, the drama explores the double murder of Lesley Howell and Constable Trevor Buchanan, whose bodies were discovered in a fume-filled car in the garage of a property in Northern Ireland.

Talking about the project, James said: “It had particular resonance for me because it took place in my home town. My best friends were his patients, my sister knew Lesley, who he murdered, so it was a sensitive, different and challenging series.

“But I think we honour the memories of Lesley and Trevor and, of course, drama is a great means in which to examine what was already a huge story. It had huge public interest and maybe we try and find new reasons and cast new light on why what happened, happened.”

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