Jamie Bamber: ‘The Smoke was exhausting, full on, hard physical work’

Jamie Bamber has revealed filming stunts for new firefighting drama The Smoke left him exhausted.

The Battlestar Galactica hunk stars as Kev, who is returning to work after being terribly wounded in the worst blaze of his career.

Jamie, 40, confessed he was so busy ‘thinking about the headspace thing’ that he wasn’t quite prepared for his character’s gruelling rescue scenes.

“I had to carry someone over a salvage yard of car wrecks for three days solid in crazy heat. It was exhausting, full on, hard physical work and I don’t think I’ve ever had quite the workload.

“When you’ve got the emotional stuff you tend to be doing it for two days solid, and then at the end of that you can’t wait to get out and do the ladder climbing.

“Then you do that for three weeks and you think, ‘Sod this, I want three pages of dialogue and a bit of crying please!'”

Jodie Whittaker plays his girlfriend Trish who is trying to support him through the emotional experience, so she felt miles from the action scenes.

She revealed: “I’d turn up for maybe four days and have to be really upset and have huge argument scenes, and then I’d have three weeks off to really think about those scenes while they did massive stunts.

“It made Jamie and I feel a bit distant at times, because it could be a long time before we’d see each other. So we were quite ‘method’ without realising it.”

The Smoke starts on Sky1 HD tonight (February 20). The first episode will also be available to view at youtube.com/skyfirstepisodes from March 1.

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