Jamie banned fans’ kisses for fear of herpes

Jamie Oliver says he wouldn’t kiss his ‘minging’ fans – for fear of catching herpes.

The TV chef said he refuses to kiss fans at book signings to protect himself from the sexually transmitted infection.

The 33-year-old told Absolute Radio he once had a word with his security guard about women wanting to kiss him.

He recalled: “I said, ‘Acer, these girls, they’re all asking for a peck, and let’s just talk shop a bit. How many of them have got the clap? Herpes, been around a bit?'”

Jamie said he asked his security guard to stop women from kissing him, but his plan backfired.

Jamie continued: “So what he did, which is what he’s always done … is all the ones that were quite tasty” …. (the security guard told them) ‘No sorry darling, no kisses, no kisses’ and every time the really minging one with flapjack on her lip, who obviously had a bit of herpes (the security guard said) ‘give her a kiss Jamie, go on, give her a kiss’. And he’d make me kiss her.”

Jamie, who is expecting his third child with wife Jools, said the conversation with his security guard happened a long time ago when ‘women found me remotely interesting because I was young’.