Jamie Oliver’s company Fresh One Productions is behind a new show for Five, with a new TV face, Fernando Peire, taking on the nation’s struggling eateries.

Fernando, the face of the glamorous celebrity haunt The Ivy for a period spanning 20 years, has filmed a pilot episode of The Restaurant Inspector for Five.

The hour-long programme, due to screen this autumn, will see Fernando take on a currently un-named family-run restaurant in Ramsgate.

Announcing some details of the show at a meeting of the Broadcasting Press Guild in London, Five’s channel controller Richard Woolfe said it would focus on the customer ambience of the restaurants as well as getting the food right.

He described Fernando as ‘brilliant’ and ‘like the kid who’s been let loose in the sweet shop. He’s so excited about it’.

Five is also filming three new shows based around Justin Lee Collins’ trips to Japan, in which he will ‘get under the skin’ of the country’s people and culture, such as taking part in ‘wild and wacky’ game shows.

He described the presenter as a ‘great talent’ and added: “He is a fantastic people person and so I think finding the right format for him where he can explore those people skills, for me is a really, really, really big priority.”

Referring to Five’s new glitzy entertainment show Don’t Stop Believing, fronted by Emma Bunton, Woolfe said: “I’ve got the very best production team on that show… We’ve got the very best people.”