Jamie Oliver: ‘Get creative on the barbecue!’

Chef Jamie Oliver exclusively tells TV Times magazine about his tastes of summer…

What’s the idea behind Jamie’s Summer Food Rave Up?

“The show’s all about celebrating summer, joy, happiness – with food that’s easy, simple, refreshing and basically lights up your life!”

And can everything be cooked outside?

“I want to show brilliant ways to cook over fire – from barbecuing to cooking on hot rocks. I guarantee it’ll taste better than cooking with a boring old oven.”

What’s ‘barbecue jamming’?!

“That’s me and Gennaro – two blokes and a fire – not doing recipes exactly but giving ideas of stuff you may not have thought about doing on a barbecue. So things like cooking fish on a stick – beautiful trout cooked in lemon that puffs up over the flame to make a glorified marmalade. Or cooking seasoned steaks on hot rocks – I only cook them on one side – oh man, the taste!”

What’s your favourite memory of eating outdoors?

“I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world for my job so I’ve got many fantastic memories. One I’ll always remember is filming the Jamie Does… series. We caught some incredible fish in Greece and just cooked them there and then on the beach. You can’t get fresher than that.”

Are your children – Poppy, Daisy, Petal and Buddy – fans of outdoor cooking?

“The two little ones don’t really cook yet, but Poppy and Daisy love to help me. We’ve got a wood-fired oven at our home in Essex and they love making their own pizza toppings with fresh herbs and tomatoes from the garden.”

What should we all be slinging on our barbecues?

“You can barbecue pretty much anything but we’re a bit set in our ways in the UK – we tend to only do sausages and burgers. Fish and veggies wrapped in foil taste incredible and whilst you can really do any meat, I’d say get creative with your marinades, glazes and dressings and really push those wonderful flavours as far as you can.”

What’s your favourite tipple to go with a barbecue?

“Ice-cold beer of course – but not too many!”