Jamie Oliver: ‘My kids get teased because of me’

Jamie Oliver admits his children bear the brunt of having a famous dad and have been teased because of his TV campaigning.

When asked if he ever feels sorry for his own kids in an interview with Woman’s Own magazine, Jamie said: “People love me or I annoy the hell out of them for various reasons. So my kids obviously get that.

“You’ll have kids come over and they’ll say a little cutting comment that’s obviously come from a parent. That’s life and I say, ‘It’s all right.’

Jamie was also asked if his children read what people say about him online; he replied: “Poppy read comments being really horrible about Buddy’s name. But you just hope that you can bring your kids up to be rounded enough to deal with it.”

Speaking about coping with such a big family as well as promoting his TV show Jamie’s Dream School, as well as 30 Minute Meal and running a host of restaurants, Jamie said: “Jools does a fantastic job. They’re good girls. I go to work and I don’t see the half of it, but I definitely hear about it when I get home!

“It doesn’t matter what I’ve done in the day, even if we’ve had problems with the White House on Food Revolution, you come back home and it’s like, ‘Poppy’s school…this went wrong…this person said…’. I’m definitely kept down-to-earth.”

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