Jamie Oliver might have survived the mothers of Rotherham, but the parents of middle America have reduced the healthy food campaigner to tears.

He’s taken his crusade to West Virginia on his new US TV network show Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, according to the Independent newspaper. However after he suggested America’s record levels of obesity may be due to ignorance, he was forced to offer an apology.

“They don’t understand me,” he declared to the camera, in tears. “They don’t know why I’m here!”

Earlier, Jamie arrived in the city of Huntingdon, reportedly the least healthy city in the least healthy state in the US and immediately fell foul of a radio shock jock, who said: “We don’t want to sit around eating lettuce all day!… Who made you king!”

He was shocked to witness school children eating pizza and chocolate milk for breakfast, and said: “It’s the kind of food that’s killing America.”

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution drew a mediocre audience of 6.1 million to its first episode, but it wasn’t all bad news. The Los Angeles Times said Jamie ‘may in fact wind up being reality TV’s most engaging star’.