Jamie Oliverhas blasted ‘idiot’ binge drinkers – and called for them to be fined for their cost to the National Health Service.

The 34-year-old vented his anger on Twitter and said taxpayers’ cash should be spent on people who really need help.

Jamie, who is expecting his fourth child with wife Jools, was moved to write on the web due to the BBC Two documentary Great Ormond Street, which follows consultants and surgeons as they make critical decisions on children’s treatment.

He wrote: “Amazing documentary on BBC2 about Great Ormond St children’s hospital these doctors R Amazing! And the strength of the parents is simply inspiring.”

He later blasted: “We must start fining these idiot weekend yobbo binge drinkers 4 their cost 2 the UK NHS then spend the money on people that REALLY need help.”

Jamie said there was a big debate to be had about where to draw the line, adding: “NHS won’t last forever.”

A spokesman for the TV chef said: “Jamie was watching the very emotional programme about Great Ormond Street Hospital on Tuesday night and became annoyed that so much money has to be diverted by the NHS to treat people who binge-drink.

“Jamie isn’t against people drinking alcohol sensibly, but he’s angered by the increase in binge-drinking and its cost to the taxpayer.”