Jamie Oliver’s restaurant fowls up

Jamie Oliver has scrambled his anti-battery hen message with the revelation his restaurant, Fifteen Cornwall, has been using battery hen eggs.

Last week, Jamie launched a crusade on his TV show Jamie’s Fowl Dinners in which he exposed the horrors of battery hen rearing.

But The Mirror reports a farmer dining at the restaurant he founded was served battery produced eggs the same night the programme screened. The farmer took a picture of the eggs while being given a tour of the kitchen by a waiter at Fifteen.

Jamie told The Mirror: “I am speechless. We have cast iron rules on what any chef can and cannot buy in all Fifteens.

“I can’t stop thinking it seems a coincidence this one-off has happened the week my programme airs. I’ve never been so disappointed. Heads will roll.”

It emerged that Fifteen Cornwall bought 360 battery-produced eggs when a regular free range supplier let them down.

They were thrown out as soon as the farmer pointed out which variety they were.

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