Emmerdale actress Jane Cox has has said she is hugely proud of her onscreen daughter Eden Taylor-Draper, who plays Belle Dingle in the soap.

Viewers have seen Belle recently land in a lot of trouble with her mother Lisa after being caught kissing her new boyfriend Luke.

But despite their onscreen fireworks Jane revealed it is a different story when the cameras stop rolling.

“It doesn’t seem two minutes ago she was six, and now she’s a young woman, and a beautiful one,” Jane said. “I’m very proud of her.

“She likes having a right snap at me, we both enjoy having right good rows with each other, but luckily not us. We are fine.”

Jane revealed viewers can expect more fireworks in future episodes as Belle begins spending more time with her friend Gemma

“There’s a lot more growing up to do. Belle is only 14,” the actress said. “She might come out of it by the time she’s 18, if you’re lucky. And I’m not sure whether Lisa is that happy with her seeing Gemma again.

“Gemma is not a very good influence and Lisa would like to keep them apart but they’re at school together, so what can you do? It’s very difficult.”

Jane added that she would tell Lisa to relax more if she had the chance.

“I would say don’t take it personally, remember you are the parent and she is still the child,” she pointed out.

“The tendency can be to take things personally and get very upset, but it’s just a phase they’re going through. They need you to be a parent still, give them boundaries and allow them to grow up.”