Jane Horrocks showcased her singing talents in 1998 film Little Voice and admits she would have loved to be a musical diva.

“I’d love to have been a rock ’n’ roller,” says Jane, who plays lovelorn deputy store manager Julie in Sky1’s supermarket sitcom Trollied. “I’ve always liked singing and, in an ideal world, I would have been a singer, but I’ve managed to combine singing and acting, which is great.”

Trollied is filmed in Bristol, which has a vibrant music scene, but Jane says she wasn’t tempted to belt out a number at one of the city’s many open mic spots.

“I wish I did have the bravery to do it, and I don’t like doing karaoke either,“ she admits. ‘Because I have sung, everyone thinks I’ll be brilliant at karaoke, but I suspect I’d be really awful. Mind you, I think the awful ones are the funniest and the best.”